V a l u e E s c a p e s
Our Value Escapes program is a listing of resort condos that are available at prices starting at just $199 per
week. You heard right…as little as $199 for an entire week. That’s under $29 per night! Is it any wonder that
in our Value Escapes Program we have a motto; ‘A Vacation For Every Family?’ Simply login to your memberonly
website and select ‘Condo Getaways’ to see the ever changing array of hand selected deals our Resort
Condo team has put together.


P r e m i e r E s c a p e s
For our members that define ‘value’ as getting the best for less, our ‘Premier Escapes’ program is the perfect
choice, delivering ‘Value at Any Level.’ Full week stays start at just $400, or around $57 per night, and go up
to… well, there is actually no top end limit on weeks in Premier Escapes. That’s because Premier Escapes offers
Value at Any Level. In fact, many times you’ll see weeks at Marriott Vacation Club, Disney Vacation Club and
other prestigious brands. These weeks might be listed for as much as $2,500 for a full week stay, but, when
compared with retail prices on ‘public websties,’ they deliver outstanding value. While clearly not for everyone,
for those members that want the best for less, Premier Escapes delivers, in spades.