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Summary of Benefits

  • You pay only once for a Lifetime membership 
  • The only other fee is a yearly fee of ~$150 only on years you use it
  • Access to stay in 1, 2 and 3bd condos at major resort developers such as Marriott Wyndham, Hilton and many others for $299-799 per week
  • You can ad one friend or family member on the membership as well and they get all of the same benefits
  • You get a Complimentary trip to any resort on www.bookvip.com for 3n/4days at domestic locations or 5n/6 days at international locations.
    (Tax of $15-$40 per night still apply)
  • A digital Entertainment book with electronic discounts at 55k restaurants from McDonalds to Chili’s and everything in between
  • Access to the lowest prices on Cruises, Hotels, Airfare, adventure packages and much much more….
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Membership Costs $5000

Buy it today for $1995 for the next 32 memberships One time only discounted price!