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R e s o r t C o n d o s
Life is about experiences, right? Well isn’t it about time you experience what it’s like to vacation in a spacious Resort Condo? It’s like being on vacation with all the conveniences of home. Amenities include full kitchens, 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, washers & dryers, microwave ovens, and more. And talk about selection… our Condo Getaways and Resort Condo Engine provides access to thousands of full week stays, in resorts all over the world.
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C r u i s e V a c a t i o n s
Our members love cruising, and what they love even more, is getting the guaranteed best pricing on any cruise, anytime, anywhere, on any cruise line. Our Cruise Getaways Program and live cruise-booking engine provide access to thousands of diverse itineraries worldwide, on every major cruise line. Be sure to login to your member-only website to search and book you’re your next cruise, and enjoy member-only rates that simply can’t be beaten.
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W o r l d w i d e H o t e l A c c e s s
Whether it’s a luxury 5 star hotel in San Francisco or a romantic getaway to a quaint little bed & breakfast on the Oregon coast, we’ve got you covered. Just login to your member-only website and search our live, online database of hotels, and find just what you’re looking for. No need for you to check the price on those ‘Retail’ sites either; we’ve already done all the research for you. We show you the price on the Internet, and the member-only rate we’ve negotiated. You guessed it — we guarantee your member-only price will always be better than any public website.
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C o n c i e r g e S e r v i c e s
Service, service, service, and did we say, service? Whether it’s putting together a complicated vacation package to Europe, or something as simple as arranging a transfer from the airport on your next vacation, our Travel Specialists are standing by at the ready to take your call for anything. We proudly display our phone number on every page of your member-only website… so rest easy, we’ll be there when you need us.

Changing Attitudes... Changing Latitudes

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Let us change your Latitude; and we promise… it will change your Attitude!

Let us be the first to congratulate you on making one of the most important decisions of your life. The decision to start taking quality vacations with those that you love the most…your family. That may sound like a bold statement, but, in our minds, it’s really not. Think about something; when someone’s home catches on fire and is burning to the ground, what do they run back in for? Of course, their family is number one, but, after that, most people try to save their family photos, videos and memorabilia. If you think about it, everything else is replaceable, but your family and your family memories, are not.
Vacations are one of the most important gifts we can give to our families, and ourselves. Sure, we go to work every day, and many of us love our jobs. But, let’s face it; a job is really just a means to an end. One of those ends is spending quality time with those that we love the most…our families. And what better way to do that than taking family vacations together?
We invite you to step into a new world, our world; a world where vacations are a priority. A world where we make taking vacations more affordable, and therefore more accessible. You’ll never take quality vacations with your family unless you make it a priority in your life. That’s why we congratulate you on your decision to join our family…and to make vacationing with your loved ones a top priority.